Severance Package chart

How long you've worked:What you get:
Less than 9 monthsno severance*
9 months — 18 months6 weeks' pay**
18 months — 3 years8 weeks' pay
3 years — 5 years10 weeks' pay
5 full years12 weeks' pay
6 full years12 weeks' pay
7 full years14 weeks' pay
8 full years16 weeks' pay
9 full years18 weeks' pay
10 full years20 weeks' pay
11 full years22 weeks' pay
12 full years24 weeks' pay
13 full years26 weeks' pay
14 full years28 weeks' pay
15 full years30 weeks' pay
16 full years32 weeks' pay
17 full years34 weeks' pay
18 full years36 weeks' pay
19 full years38 weeks' pay
20 full years40 weeks' pay
20 years and six months41.5 weeks' pay
21 full years43 weeks' pay
21 years and six months44.5 weeks' pay
22 years46 weeks' pay
22 years and six months47.5 weeks' pay
23 full years49 weeks' pay
23 years and six months50.5 weeks' pay
24 full years52 weeks' pay
More than 24 years52 weeks' pay

*For probationary employees, no notice or payment is required other than wages due at the time of dismissal except as provided in Article VI, Section C of the DJ/IAPE contract.

**"Pay" is defined as base wage rate as of the date of termination, and shall include shift differentials if shift differential would be included in the calculation of vacation pay pursuant to Article III(G)(2). For part-time Employees eligible for severance pay, hours per week shall be determined based on the Employee's fourteen week average as of the date of separation.

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