Committee: Classification
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Committee: Election
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Committee: Executive
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Committee: Finance
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Committee: Grievance
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Committee: Incentives
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Committee: Labor-Management
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The Classifications Committee deals with specific job titles, job descriptions, and related pay scales. Ideally, as with the Labor-Management Committee, this committee ought to take a proactive approach and seek to identify classification-related concerns before the Union develops its contract proposals. This committee often is involved in contract talks.

The Incentives Committee deals with various sales incentive and bonus programs. The Committee is designed to identify problem areas before the Union develops it contract proposals.

The Election Committee has the responsibility of publicizing, organizing and conducting Local elections and referenda.

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the Localís budget. It shall consider proposed budgets from the Treasurer, and shall submit a comprehensive budget to the Executive Council and full Board of Directors at the final meeting of the fiscal year. This committee should also review any budget adjustment requests whenever possible.

The Labor-Management Committee is designed to provide a vehicle for conducting informal meetings with management in an attempt to resolve workplace issues before the reach the grievance stage.

The Grievance Committee is responsible for representing Local members who have filed, or are about to file, grievances with the employer. Recommends arbitration cases to the Executive Council. One per bargaining unit.

The Bargaining Committee has the responsibility for polling the membership to determine contract priorities and for negotiating collective-bargaining agreements. One per bargaining unit.

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