IAPE Elections

To all IAPE-represented employees at Dow Jones (not including the Bowling Green, OH production bargaining unit):

The IAPE Election Committee has been informed by TrueBallot Inc. that a majority of eligible voters have voted to accept the 2015-16 IAPE/Dow Jones contract extension. The Committee declares the IAPE/Dow Jones contract ratified.

Of 1,243 eligible voters, 649 cast ballots for a return rate of 52.21%.

567 — or 87.37% of those who voted — selected "Yes/Approve."
75 — 11.56% — voted "No/Reject."

This notice (and other relevant information) will be posted on the IAPE website, www.iape1096.org, as soon as possible.

In Unity,

The IAPE Election Committee


In accordance with the rules for the 2014 election of officers for IAPE TNG/CWA Local 1096, the following members in good standing have been properly nominated, unopposed, and declared "elected" to the office for which they were nominated for the term of office beginning December 1, 2014 and running through November 30, 2017:


President/CWA Delegate — Bob Kozma
Vice President/CWA Delegate — Jeff Bennett
Treasurer/CWA Delegate — Robert Johnson
Secretary/CWA Delegate — Stephen Nakrosis

CWA Convention Delegate

Tim Martell

Location Directors
Candidates must be employed in the geographic location they wish to represent

Northeast — Joseph Checkler, Melissa Korn, Meredith Lewin, Daisy Maxey
Mid-Atlantic — Darcie Hall, Christopher Kunz, Elton Ng
Southeast — Jess Bravin, Elizabeth Williamson
Midwest — John Jurgensen
Northwest — Shira Ovide
Southwest — John Emshwiller

Classification Directors
Candidates must be employed in the job classification they wish to represent

Administrative/Advertising — Erin Rodgers
News — Danny Yadron
Production — Roger Pacheco
Technology — Patricia Corley

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