Communications Workers of America — our international parent Union.

The NewsGuild — our "sector" parent within CWA.

CWA/SCA Canada — the home for CWA members in Canada.

AFL-CIO — representing working people across the United States.

Canadian Labour Congress — representing working people in Canada.

UnionPlus — discounts for Union members.

Theatre Development Fund — New York theatre discounts for Union members.

Dow Jones & Company

News Corp

The Wall Street JournalUnion Made by IAPE members.

Barron'sUnion Made by IAPE members.

Dow Jones NewswiresUnion Made by IAPE members.

FactivaUnion Made by IAPE members.

MarketWatchUnion Made by IAPE members.

United States Department of Labor — labor regulations for employees in the United States. Also see individual state labor offices.

Ontario Ministry of Labour — labour regulations for employees in the Province of Ontario.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration — workplace protections for employees in the United States.

National Labor Relations Board — protecting the rights of employees across the United States.

Ontario Labour Relations Board — protecting the rights of employees across Ontario.

Fair Labor Standards Act — overtime pay regulations referenced in the IAPE/DJ collective agreement.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — enforcing U.S. federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee.

Family and Medical Leave Act — U.S. job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons.



Capital New York

Talking Biz News

Media Matters For America


Columbia Journalism Review

On The Media



HuffPo Media

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