November 2, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Bargaining: What We Want.


Over the past several months, we have polled the membership and spoken with individuals across the company.

We have compiled a detailed list of contract demands that matter to you, which we will present to management and make public when we formally start contract bargaining next Tuesday, November 7th.

We want to share the broad goals with you now.

The future of Dow Jones depends on quality people, and to get and keep quality people we need a Quality Contract.


We hope management will heed the words of Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino: "The people of Dow Jones are our company's most important asset. Our success as a company is dependent, above all, on the talent, enterprise and dedication of our people. Thus, our continuing priority is to do all we can to develop, motivate, reward and retain such colleagues, and also to attract new ones to our company."

Three years ago, management sought extensive cutbacks, and we had to stand up and protect ourselves. We are stronger for it. Now, we hope both sides at the bargaining table are ready to recognize and reward "the talent, enterprise and dedication of our people."

As these talks begin we all need to be prepared to stand up and insist on a Quality Contract. Our success depends less on what happens at the bargaining talks than on our willingness to show unity and determination outside the talks.

Here is a summary of our prime demands:

1. Real income increases that aren't eaten up by inflation.

2. Improvements in health, retirement, maternity/paternity leave, child-care and other benefits.

3. An end to the outsourcing that is damaging quality across Dow Jones.

4. A rationalization of outmoded practices involving seniority, sales commissions, shifts and other issues.

Steve Yount

Jim Browning
Bargaining Committee Chair


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