September 4, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Factiva: Shame on You


We have some disappointing news to report. Unfortunately, Factiva is proceeding with its review of the outsourcing options that it unveiled last month, and is still involved what it calls "due diligence." A formal announcement is expected in the next couple of weeks.

Preparing for the worst, IAPE made some suggestions designed to treat outsourced employees with dignity and respect, all of which were flat-out rejected by Factiva management:

IAPE suggested that Factiva allow potentially outsourced employees to take their earned severance and walk out the door on the day of their "official" notice. Factiva said no.

IAPE suggested that a bonus enhancement be given to potentially outsourced employees as an incentive to stay and participate in "knowledge transfer." We considered this key as potentially outsourced employees — our friends and colleagues — will no doubt have the heartrending understanding that Factiva insists that they will have to train another who will take their job elsewhere for less. Again, Factiva flat-out refused to consider this, stating that "this is not about money."


Humiliating? Insulting? Degrading? You bet. In the movie Ben-Hur, a Roman general tells the galley slaves "You're all condemned men. We keep you alive to serve this ship. So, row well and live." This is exactly the type of management style that Factiva is subscribing to.

IAPE argued that the outsourcing move and "knowledge transfer" was unfair and would further erode morale among all those who would still be on the job, wondering when they, too, would be shown the door.

Factiva's response? Factiva said that the Company will offer the counseling and resume writing, but not one penny more than what is entitled to under the Contract. They claim to "care about the people," but if you leave before the "knowledge transfer," you won't even get your severance package. That's blackmail. Pure and simple. And that is exactly how Dow Jones treated the techs it identified last month for outsourcing.

The bottom line? This is all about money. Factiva doesn't like to hear IAPE say that, but that is their mantra. But if it weren't "all about money," Factiva wouldn't be sending those jobs elsewhere. And Factiva would have found a way to ease the pain of forcing trusted and dedicated employees to train their replacements or risk losing the severance benefits they've spent years earning. You all share a stake in the success of Factiva, but the sad truth is that this is "all about money."

The Company counts on your hard work and your dedication. And you've delivered, time after time, going above and beyond as a point of personal pride—and usually without asking for anything extra ("No thank you, I don't need the over time or the premium pay. I'm well treated and I know you won't forget my sacrifices.")

Shame on Factiva. Now that the Company has reached number one in news and information provider service — thanks to the persistence and dedication of each one of you — outsourcing and "knowledge transfer" is how it rewards its trusted and dedicated employees. Shame.

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Steve Yount

Mike Cioppi
Erin Rodgers
Leilani Fallon

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