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Harborside: It's Your Turn

It's now your turn to secure the protections of a written contract with Dow Jones. It's your turn to join IAPE: the Independent Association of Publisher's Employees, an affiliate of the Newspaper Guild and the Communications Workers of America.

IAPE is the union which currently represents nearly 2000 employees at Dow Jones Newswires, the Wall Street Journal, Factiva, Barron's, SmartMoney and MarketWatch. Each one of your counterparts in those Dow Jones operations is covered by the same contract with the same guarantees and the same protections.


Whether it's overtime, premium pay, days off, differentials, vacations, discipline, health care or pay raises, each one of your counterparts across the company have their rights written down in black and white. They have a written, legally binding agreement with Dow Jones— and they have someone who will aggressively defend and enforce that agreement. You deserve the same.

IAPE exists solely to win its members more money, better benefits and stronger job protections. As it stands right now, the Company says you'll get the same pay and benefits IAPE wins at the bargaining table— but we all know that the more of us there are in the union, the more we'll win. And if you're in the union you'll have a voice in setting the priorities. And there are some things, like seniority protection during layoffs, that management simply doesn't give you without a union contract.

In these days of lay-offs and outsourcing, you can't afford to trust your fate to vague promises offered by management. You need to know what your rights are— and know that the Company can't change your health care, working conditions or pay package on a cost-cutting whim or simply because your boss wants to impress a new CEO. You need all the guarantees you can get and you need them in writing.

Everyone is worried about their jobs— and with good reason.

The company is in the process of outsourcing a number of folks in IT and Customer Service: most recently, 29 IAPE represented employees in South Brunswick and 92 in non-union Chicopee. Now there's a review of the entire Dow Jones news gathering operation underway. Those leading that review have said in the past that the Company has to explore "synergy," which many see as code for "job cuts."

There is one undeniable fact of life in cutting jobs: It's cheaper— and easier— to cut non-union jobs than those jobs held by people protected by the contract. Right now, Harborside is the largest non-union location in Dow Jones. It's a distinction you do not want.


Joining IAPE— and gaining the protections of a written contract— is simple.
Once a simple majority of eligible Harborside-based employees (non-managers) sign a Union Representation Card, IAPE "claims" the location and an independent third-party verifies the signatures. At that point, you're in.

The cards are confidential. The company will never know who signed and who didn't.

We're ready to answer whatever questions you might have. You can call the office at 609-799-1520 and talk to union organizer Tim Martel (e-mail or call me, union president Steve Yount, on my cell, 609-220-5951, drop me a line at or I'll buy you a cup of coffee downstairs at Harborside.

Your place in IAPE— and the protections of a written contract— are waiting for you. The first step is right here: a Union Representation Card. Print it out, fill it in and mail it to the union office at 14 Washington Road, Suite 521, Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550.

Steve Yount

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