July 4, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

On The Road: TNG/CWA Convention

The membership of IAPE has never been terribly involved in the inner workings of the parent union but there are a couple of notes from the current convention of the CWA (and Sector meeting of the Newspaper Guild) that I wanted to pass along.

First, the CWA is establishing a 25-million-dollar-a-year Strategic Fund designed to wage the battle for jobs, money and benefits on an on-going year-round basis— drawing the cash from the interest currently being generated by the "strike fund."

Secondly, and perhaps for our immediate interests, more importantly, I've had some face-to-face meetings with officials from both the Newspaper Guild and the CWA about tangible support for our up-coming contract bargaining with Dow Jones.

There's a new commitment from both for logistical, strategic and financial support far beyond what we've ever been able to secure in the past.

Both the Newspaper Guild and the CWA are excited about our early efforts at mobilization and committed to providing the help IAPE needs to win a contract that delivers the money, benefits and job protections we've earned.

On a separate note, the membership meetings continue.

I'll be in LA on Wednesday morning, Denver Wednesday evening and Naperville (suburban Chicago) on Thursday morning.

As always, I'm on my cell phone (609-220-5951) if you need me— or you can call union organizer Tim Martell at the union office (609-799-1520.)

Steve Yount

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