December 6, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

The Shrinking Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Skinny?

Dow Jones continues to generate talk about its redesign of the Wall Street Journal— including some caustic comments in the press and some worries among reporters about the company's comittment to quality.


For us the issue has always been about quality. In fact, Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino made it clear that he understood that all of his plans for "turning around" the company depended on the quality of the product — and the quality of the people who produce that product. Rich told the New York Times during his first week on the job as CEO, ''I get it. I understand what happens if quality and the indispensable appeal of The Journal wane. It means the game is over if that happens.''

As for the redesign, we thought you might like to see what they're saying at Slate and the New York Times.

No matter what format, the funademtal truth is the same: Dow Jones lives and dies on the quality of its people— and Quality People deserve a Quality Contract.

Steve Yount

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