July 7, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Your Union: Your Money

The latest update on how your union is spending your money is now on the website under the heading of IAPE Budget Spending. We're breaking the numbers down month-by-month so that you have an idea of exactly where those union dues are going. If you have any specific questions, you can get more detailed information by dropping a note to union@iape1096.org.


The total listed in each budget category is simply a monthly breakout of the total that was budgeted in that category for the entire fiscal year. Each budgeted amount is followed by a listing of the actual amount that was spent in that month.

There will be some categories where the entire payment for the year will be paid in one month. For example, the annual audit is budgeted at $384 a month, but was paid in one lump sum in January.

The 2006 budget was approved in May, 2005 and contained a projected deficit of $33,000. A number of cost-cutting decisions have made in the past six months (among them, slashing the planned spending for conventions and board meetings.) The projected deficit has been eliminated and we should end the year with a balanced budget.

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