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Another in the questions I've heard from Harborside:

"This union thing looks OK. I like the idea of having everything in writing, but those dues are kinda' tough. I'm not making all that much money and, frankly, $540 a year is a lot of money, Steve."


When Harborside signs up — and IAPE has the last significant non-union DJ location in the fold — we'll be a much better position to do something about those salaries. We'll have a lot more bargaining power at the table —and that'll mean more money in everyone's pocket.

But the most important thing to remember is that dues aren't really $540 a year. $540 is the the most you'd have to pay — and you won't be paying that much unless you're making right around $80,000 a year.


The dues rate is .07%, the lowest in the CWA and about half what you'd be paying at the New York Times. If you're making $40,000 a year, dues will total $280 a year ($10 a paycheck or $5 a week.) $35,000 is $245 and $30,000 is $210.

It looks like dues will amount to a cup of coffee a week for most of Harborside.

And for the first year no one at Harborside pays a dime. Dues won't start until October 2007, at the earliest.

Believe me, the difference between the raise IAPE could get with you in the union and the raise we'd get without you is going to be a lot more than you're going to be paying in dues. And that doesn't even begin to consider the difference Harborside will make in the battle over benefits.

Let me know what you're thinking—- and check out the website for your union card.

Steve Yount

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