May 8, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Your Union: Board of Directors Meeting

The IAPE Board of Directors held its semi-annual meeting May 6th and 7th in Princeton, New Jersey with 21 out of 27 officers and directors in attendance, either in-person or by teleconference, for at least a portion of the weekend.


As part of a cost-cutting effort, theĀ board approved sharply reducing the size of the delegation to be sent to the next TNG/CWA convention. Instead of paying to send as many as seven people - as had been done in the past - IAPE will be sending a delegation of one (the union president). The committee report on compensation and officer stipends was not ready for action, but it will have to be resolved before the fiscal '07 budget is submitted (target date September 1st '06.)

But the real meat of the weekend was preparation for your next contract, laying the groundwork for contract talks.

We need to start working now to build on the remarkable efforts we made during the last round of talks— and there's going to be much more on that effort coming soon.

There was also a good deal of discussion on the union response to the company's outsourcing review— there'll be more on that coming as well, including efforts by our lawyers to pull together an "outsourcing bill of rights" for members.

Those in attendance: (in person) Yount, Lauricella, James, Georgiades, Johnson, Frangos, Accardo, Ossmann, Schomburg, Fields, Barna, Meskunas, Francis; (on the phone) Keeton, (Luis) Pacheco, (Roger) Pacheco, Fallon, DiManna, Carlton, MacDonald and Bennett.

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