September 10, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Dear Rich,

IAPE Stewards have been circulating an open letter to Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino as we begin preparations for an early resumption of contract bargaining.

In case your Steward missed you, here's the letter:


Dear Rich,

The Dow Jones-IAPE contract expires at the end of January — less than five months away.

To maintain Dow Jones's unparalleled quality, we need a quality contract, one that improves compensation, benefits and working conditions instead of eroding them.

Dow Jones is about its people. What sets us apart from our
competitors is our storied name and our culture of quality, backed
by several thousand of the best and brightest men and women in
their fields: reporters and people in ad sales, technology, finance,
printing, administration, distribution, support and many other areas.

The quality of our products can't sustain more of the pay and benefit cuts that management has demanded in previous contract talks. Now is the time to build, not dismantle. As you have said, the company can't expense its way to profitability.

Let's create a contract that can support the values and the quality that make Dow Jones such an outstanding company. We need to keep attracting and retaining the best employees in the business, by improving wages, benefits and working conditions. It's all about quality.

(attached employee signatures)

The Stewards are closing in on a thousand signatures— but we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to sign.


The message is simple: Quality People deserve a Quality Contract.

If you haven't heard from your Steward yet, simply e-mail union organizer Tim Martell at and we'll add your name to a growing number of e-signatures that'll be attached to the signature pages already collected.

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