November 10, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Harborside: What It Means


Thanks for those who made it down to Markers on Thursday— and I appreciate the signed cards.

As for the latest questions— here's one:

"Steve, this (the union campaign) doesn't seem to affect me so why should I bother?"


I've apparently missed the mark somewhere in all these e-mails and web postings over the past couple of months.. so let me try to focus on just a couple of things.

Take a look at the Dow Jones Contract Proposal.


Wage increases of 2% a year? Elimination of COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) protections against inflation? Elimination of premium pay for overtime exempt employees who have to work holidays or their scheduled days off or vacation days? A more than doubling of the cost of your health care?

If those issues don't affect you, then your job at Dow Jones is a "hobby" and you're living off the trust fund. For everyone else those provisions strike at the heart of the very reason you have a job: to provide for your family.

Take health care for an example:

Dow Jones has made it clear hiking your contributions for health care is the company's first priority— and it wants those contributions to jump from the 8% of the cost your paying now to 20% in 2008, 23% in 2009 and 25% in 2010.


How's it affect you?

Based just on the current numbers, if you're single making between $50,000 and $80,000 a year, you're paying $28 per month for the PPO or $18 per month for Managed Care; Husband&Wife or Parent&Child, you're paying $54 per month for PPO and $36 per month for MC; for a family, it's $78 per month for PPO and $56 for MC.

Turn your 8% into 20% and this is what you get: if you're single it's $70 (PPO) $45 (MC), H&W or P&C it's $135 (PPO) $90 (MC) and for a family it's $195 (PPO) $140 (MC).

That's your money. That's coming out of your pocket.

The only thing standing between you and a doubling of your health care costs is IAPE and the prospect of an IAPE-represented Harborside.

"Tandem employee" protection? No.

Just before the last contract bargaining cycle Dow Jones imposed premiums on managers— and on the "tandem employees" at Harborside. The company can do the same thing to you again as long as you don't have a written contract.

The only way to stop these kinds of hikes is to convince the company we're strong enough to fight back. Adding Harborside sends an unmistakable message.

This is YOUR money at stake.

Send in a signed Union Card and we'll fight this together.

If you need me, give me a call.

Steve Yount

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