September 11, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Questions3 Will My Boss Know?


I've been hearing a lot of comments from Harborside in the past few days — and I thought I'd take a shot at answering a couple of the the latest questions.


"I'm worried about my boss finding out if I sign a union card. There are a lot of scared people around here. Are you sure management won't know who signs up? And what about these e-mails, can they tell who you're writing to?"


The union cards are absolutely confidential. Management will never see them. Once a majority of eligible employees at Harborside sign a card, we notify the company and arragne a meeting with an independent third party who simply checks signatures. The cards never leave IAPE's possession.

These e-mails go to every eligible employee at Harborside— and everyone is listed as a "blind copy" which is why the header just shows Steve Yount in both the "To" and "From" fields. Even if management wanted to see who I'm writing to, it wouldn't tell them anything.

Beyond that, you have a legal right to organize and request union representation. Dow Jones understands— and respects— that. In fact, IAPE just completed an organizing effort at MarketWatch, maintaining a positive relationship with management through out.

A related question on the fear of management retaliation:

"I sent in my card— and I want to help sign up others, but I can't afford to upset my boss."


I understand completely. The two of three folks sitting near you most likely feel the same way you do: Ready to join, but worried about the boss.


Smile at the boss and laugh at their jokes — but sign that union card and send it in.

Most folks understand that a larger union is a stronger union— and a stronger union wins a better contract for everyone. What they need now is a level of comfort. At the risk of sounding like Dr. Phil, they need "permission" from their coworkers to send in that union card.

If I were there, I'd concentrate on the 3 or 4 people sitting next me. When you see these notes, mention them to your immediate coworkers — and tell them it sounds like a good idea.

Let me know if there's anything you need from me,

Steve yount

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