December 12, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

IAPE Wallpaper & ScreenSaver

The effort to "send a message" to management continues. In addition to the desk tents, the flyers, the buttons, the letters and cards, show your commitment to winning a Quality Contract with IAPE wallpaper and screen savers.
We've added a new IAPE wallpaper/screensaver message
What Would Dow Jones Look Like If I Weren't Here?

PC Instructions for creating "Wallpaper."

1. Click on link (below).

2. Allow webpage to open (you should see a close-to-full-screen image).

3. Right-click (use your mouse's right button) the image itself; a small
window should open below your cursor.

4. Click (with your left button) "Set As Background."

IAPE Wallpaper/ScreenSaver Quality People Quality Contract

IAPE Wallpaper/ScreenSaver Rich, live up to your words

IAPE Wallpaper/ScreenSaver GameOver?

IAPE Wallpaper/ScreenSaver Canada

IAPE Wallpaper/ScreenSaver iape

IAPE Wallpaper/ScreenSaver iape sunshine

PC Instructions for creating a "Screen Saver."

1. Save your desired images (IAPE wallpaper, family photos, etc.) into a new folder, and remember the name and location of that folder.

2. Open your Control Panel.

3. Double-click the "Display" icon.

4. Click the "Screen Saver" tab.

5. Click the pull-down arrow in the screen saver box; select the "My Pictures Slideshow" option.

6. Click "Settings"

7. When the "Settings" window opens, click "Browse" and find the folder you created in Step 1.

8. Click "OK"

9. The "Display Properties" window will appear again, click "Apply", then "OK".

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