June 13, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Over-Worked and Stressed Out?

Did you see the latest e-mail from the company? The one talking about you being over-worked and over-stressed?


It's a pitch from LifeWorks and begins:

"Are you constantly asked to do "more" with "less"?
"Is there so much on your plate that you don't know where to start?
"Do you feel spent at the end of the workday?
"You aren't alone if you often feel overloaded at work. One third of U.S. employees report feeling chronically overworked, according to a 2004 Families & Work Institute study. With company downsizing and work streamlining, jobs have expanded, resulting in longer hours, more responsibilities, and more work for everyone."

Wait a second.

That makes it sound like it's your fault that you're overloaded at work. That somehow making a call to LifeWorks will streamline your life. Doing the work of three people is a snap, if you just make that phone call.

The company needs to recognize reality.

You're not complaining about workload and stress because you're spoiled. You're complaining about workload and stress because the company is making unrealistic demands. LifeWorks might be able to help some people, but Dow Jones needs to understand that you feel overloaded at work because you ARE overloaded at work.

The company created that problem and the company can correct that problem.

One other thing.

In the LifeWorks pitch there's the line, "There are ways to take back control of your work life."

Here's one to add to the list: get involved in your union. Get ready for contract bargaining. Stand together and make a difference.

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