August 15, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

MarketWatch: Now It's San Francisco

Some very good news.


IAPE has notified Dow Jones management that we have achieved majority support among the eligible MarketWatch employees in San Francisco and, under the terms of a 2005 agreement with Dow Jones, IAPE has claimed the San Francisco location of MarketWatch as an IAPE represented location, joining the MarketWatch locations in Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles as IAPE-represented locations.

We expect to be working with Dow Jones over the next week or so on the details of our representation of MarketWatch in San Francisco and we expect to have everything finalized very soon.

In the meantime, we will continue our efforts in the other MarketWatch locations across the country.

What does it mean? A better contract, for everyone.

By adding MarketWatch IAPE will be stronger at the bargaining table and will be able to negotiate a better contract for everyone.

For all the Dow Jones employees assigned to still un-represented locations, now is your turn. Contact the union office (call 609-799-1520 or email IAPE at for your representation card and complete information.

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