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Self Assessment Performance Reviews

Just a quick note on the "self assessments" that your boss might be passing around.

This has been going on for the past few years with managers being told to "ask your employee to prepare for the (performance review) meeting by completing a self-assessment."

Hold it right there.


IAPE members are not required to complete self-assessments. It's up to your manager to complete performance evaluation forms. Supervision and evaluation are management functions— that's why they're managers.

And if your boss asks you to list "strengths" and "weaknesses" before a performance review. Don't do it. It's not your job— and anything negative you might say or write about yourself may appear on your performance review.
That's not your dad — or a kindly neighborhood priest— sitting on the other side of the desk.

Managers have also apparently been given approval to use "360-degree feedback" for performance evaluations— told they can solicit input from others with whom you work— asking for specific comments on performance of peers, and using the feedback to aid in their evaluations.

Another bad idea.

You are not required to evaluate your coworkers— and, again, that's not your job. Besides, the guy in the cube next to you still hasn't forgiven you for rooting for the Yankees.

The best advice: if you are asked to take part in "multi-rater" reviews, politely decline.

If your manager insists, contact the union at, call your location director, a steward or union organizer Tim Martell at 609-799-1520.

Steve Yount

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