August 18, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

WSJ and You: The Most Trusted

Just in case you might have missed it on DowJones.Net, Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz had some nice things to say on the company's website about you, your commitment to the best in journalism- and all those long (under-paid) hours you've been working.


"Readers of The Wall Street Journal expect the highest possible standards from our reporters and editors, so it is gratifying when we get independent confirmation that the Journal stands alone in as core a value as the absence of bias. A new study shows that the public places greater trust in the fundamental fairness and accuracy of the news we report than in the news from any other publication.

"The new study from the Pew Research Center again finds the Journal is the most trusted publication in the United States. Indeed, the Journal was the only major publication whose credibility rating rose since 2004, the time of the most recent Pew study."

Thanks, Gordon.

We appreciate the recognition and we're looking forward to the next round of contract bargaining so that we can talk about how to treat the people who produce "the most trusted publication in the United States."

If you want to get involved, making sure that your hard work and that of your colleagues is recognized and rewarded in the next contract, get in touch with the union office at 609-799-1520 or send a note to union organizer Tim Martell at

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