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Back to the Bargaining Table 12.19.06


We're back at the bargaining table today. Nothing illustrates the sharp contrast between management's words and its deeds like the email I got a couple of days ago:



I received my notice of congratulations on my 10th anniversary with the company. The letter from Rich Zannino and Jim Scaduto read in part: '(Dow Jones) distinguished history and record of growth over the years are directly attributable to the dedicated men and women who nurtured it, sustained it and now continue to strengthen it. Employees such as you are the most valuable asset our company has.'."

So tell me: How do token raises, eliminating any real job security, and a four-fold increase in our health-care costs recognize the dedicated men and women who nurtured this company, sustained it, and now continue to strengthen it? How can Dow Jones treat its "most valuable asset" like this? (If management treated our printing presses this badly, they'd probably break down within a month.)

Rich, it's time to live up to your words.

We want to reach an agreement, a fair one, and the sooner, the better. We want to improve quality and make this a better company. The only way to do that is to provide good wages and benefits for everyone that makes this company work. We can't do it through relentless and short-sighted cutbacks. Quality people deserve a quality contract.

Steve Yount

Jim Browning
Bargaining Committee Chair


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