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Harborside Questions


I'm going to be a Markers Thursday September 21st from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm to answer any questions you might have as IAPE continues the recruitment efforts at Harborside— bringing you and your coworkers into the union— providing Harborside with written— and enforceable— contract guarantees while we strengthen the union to get everyone a better deal.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share another one of the questions I've heard from Harborside.


"My boss tells me all you care about is getting my money. You need the dues."


This is not about a union looking for new sources of income. No one at Harborside will be charged any dues for the first year of representation— long after we negotiate a new contract and provide you guys with the same protections and written guarantees that your counterparts across the company already enjoy.

This about getting you— and everyone already represented by IAPE— a better contract. And that means more money, better benefits, stronger job protections and better working conditions.

With Harborside as part of IAPE, this union will be stronger and we'll all win a better contract than we would have without Harborside.

In a sense, it is all about money: doing everything possible to put more money in your pocket.

By the way, there's a written guarantee in the contract for a cost of living adjustment. That added another .5% to the latest wage hike. It was automatic for IAPE covered employees, but it took the company 4 days of number crunching to decide whether that .5% would be offered to Harborside. For you guys it was a "company option," for union members it was a guarantee.

In the end, you got the extra bump (IAPE was organizing MarketWatch and we'd made it clear we were going to launch an organizing drive at Harborside) but for the first time ever, managers didn't. Always before, managers got exactly what the union represented folks received— but not this time. Money's tight at Dow Jones and they won't give to employees unless they have to.

The IAPE membership approved a dues increase last November. The rate is still the lowest in the CWA, .07% with a "cap" of $10.38 a week (for those making roughly $80,000 a year.) If you're making $40,000 a year, dues will total $280 a year ($10 a paycheck or $5 a week.) $35,000 is $245 ($9.42 a paycheck, $4.71 a week) and $30,000 is $210 ($8.07 a paycheck, $4.03 a week.)

How are we spending that money? The line-by-line, month-by-month budget break down right here.

You can get your Union Card right here. Fill it in, sign it, fax a copy to 609-716-0626 and mail the original to IAPE, 14 Washington Road, Suite 521, Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550.

I'll see you Thursday at Markers,

Steve Yount

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