July 19, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Journal to Add Front Page Ads

Dow Jones has confirmed the rumor: the Wall Street Journal will start running ads on the front page, as early as September, reportedly hoping for tens of millions of dollars in new revenue.


The journalistic implications of an ad on Page One are obvious, especially with the paper's physical size set to shrink as well: The risk is that our readers get less of what they're paying for — important, immediate and readily accessible news of the highest quality. IAPE believes it's critical that management ensure the unparalleled news value of the front page isn't diminished.

And of course, there's also all that new revenue.

DJ isn't talking publicly about how much money the front page ads will bring in, but the New York Times is guessing at least $75,000 a shot, almost 2 million a month.

There's no doubt that a front page ad is worth that much money— if not more— and your union will give the company every opportunity in upcoming contract bargaining to share that windfall with the people who make it all possible: you.

The Wall Street Journal is the very best in the world of business news— attracting an audience that would be the envy of any publisher— and it's important that everyone understand why all those movers-and-shakers buy the Journal.

The Journal is the best because of what you contribute each and every day.

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