June 19, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Your Union. Your Contract. Your Stewards

Over the past two months more than 75 of your coworkers have stepped forward to volunteer as IAPE Stewards, serving as "points-of-contact" for the upcoming contract bargaining.


30 joined the ranks of Steward last week— and 23 of those stepped forward during two days of meetings in Dallas.

For a very long time there's been a sense of disconnect between those IAPE-represented employees across the country and the union leadership, which has traditionally been focused on South Brunswick.

We are making a concerted effort to end that sense of disconnect and make it clear to every IAPE-represented employee that this is their union.

Stewards will serve as the union's communications network. They will coordinate the mobilization efforts in the months to come, but more importantly, they will provide feed-back from the membership to the leadership. A very large part of their job will be ensuring that this union remains "their union."

The recruitment of Stewards is continuing. There will be more group-by-group membership meetings in South Brunswick and New York along with meetings in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Naperville, Orlando and Toronto.

For more information on becoming a Steward send us an e-mail at the union office (union@IAPE1096.org) or simply give us a call, 609-799-1520.

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