June 20, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

A Time To Organize

I've been talking to our coworkers who are being "outsourced" by Dow Jones— and I've been hearing from others who are understandably worried about the future of their own job.


I've heard from a number of members who are frustrated by the outsourcing— and the company's ability to cut jobs, in effect, tossing aside hard-working, dedicated employees simply to save money. I don't know of a union in the country that can absolutely guarantee an employee's job and I'm frustrated, too. But we can't walk away from this.

In these kind of debates, moral arguments don't work with Dow Jones. The "power" we have is what we have in writing in the contract. The only thing that'll protect your job, your benefits and your money— is the precise language of the contract.

We need to fight for job security— and that begins with making sure the contract language is right. And the only way to strengthen the contract is to engage and mobilize the membership.

That's because what we win in contract bargaining will depend more on what happens outside the bargaining room than what happens inside the bargaining room.

Your voice— and your action— will write the terms of the next contract.

Your first step? Become an IAPE Steward, help build the communications network that'll mobilize the membership and give us the strength we need to build the union you deserve.

E-mail IAPE at union@iape1096.org or call the office, 609-799-1520.

As always, let me know what you think.

Steve Yount

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