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Harborside: Questions

Thanks to all those who managed to find a couple of minutes to stop by and chat at Markers on Thursday. If you missed it (chatting upstairs with Clare and Neal,) I'll be back next week and we'll try it again.

In the meantime, a couple of more questions from your coworkers:



"The boss told me again— just yesterday— that I don't need a union. He's giving me everything the union guys are getting. He won't put in writing— but he says I can trust him. So, is there something I'm not getting?"


The fact that no one at Harborside is willing to put that "guarantee" in writing should speak volumes.

There's a long list of things you're not getting. But for the moment, let's put aside the written— and enforceable— guarantees about health care, overtime, premium pay, shift differentials and holidays— along with the fact that with a union you'll have someone who can— and will— fight a battle for more money, better benefits, stronger job protections and improved working conditions.

Let's just talk about money.

What are you NOT getting? I don't know— and neither do you.

Are you getting the same salary that union-represented folk get for the same job elsewhere in Dow Jones? The same overtime rules? The same premium pay? The same raises? The same hikes for experience and time on the job?

The company doesn't give you those kind of specifics. It doesn't have to.
If you're represented by the union, you'll be guaranteed you'll get "everything the union guys get." And it'll be in writing.


"But what about this "tandem employee" thing? Doesn't that mean the Company has to give me what IAPE negotiates?"



"Tandem employee" is a term the company made up. The rights and/or benefits provided to "tandem employees" depend entirely on what the company wants to give you— and they can change anytime the company wants to change them.

Besides, this idea that "we'll give you the same deal as the union," reminds me of going to Grandma's for Thanksgiving and sitting at the kid's table.

We're all adults here.

You don't need to take someone's vague promise that you'll get the same Thanksgiving dinner as the guys at the big table in the dinning room.

Sign that Union Card — you'll get your deal in writing— and a seat at the big table.

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