November 21, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT



I understand you've received another note from management, trying again to convince you that you don't need a union.

I was struck by one particular line, "IAPE wants you to believe that you need the union to "protect" you. We don't see it that way."

Of course management doesn't see it that way! And it hopes you don't see it that way, either.


Management believes that 3 years of 2% wage hikes and a tripling of your health care costs over the next three years is reasonable.

IAPE doesn't.. and I don't believe you do, either.

The contract that management has proposed will cost you an estimated $8,600 over the next three years.

The only one who can win any changes in that package is the union— and the only way we can get that done is for all of us to stand together— and that means you need to send in a signed union card.

Download Your Union Card, fill it in, sign it, fax a copy to 609-716-0626 and mail the original to IAPE, 14 Washington Road, Suite 521, Princeton Junction, New Jersey 08550.

Steve Yount

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