October 22, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Rich: It's The People

We thought you might appreciate a note from Rich posted on the Dow Jones HR Benefits site.


Rich writes, "The people of Dow Jones are our company's most important asset. Our success as a company is dependent, above all, on the talent, enterprise and dedication of our people. Thus, our continuing priority is to do all we can to develop, motivate, reward and retain such colleagues, and also to attract new ones to our company.

"All of us can share pride in our exceptional products and services and in working together for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and fellow employees."

We agree and we're delighted to see that the CEO at DJ apparently embraces the concept of "Quality People.. Quality Contract."

Rich keeps saying all the right things about how to safeguard quality and reward dedicated employees— but the important test is still to come.

Rich's words have to carry through to the company's team at the bargaining table. That's where Rich will have a real opportunity to "motivate, reward and retain" this company's top-notch workforce, and to attract the best and brightest to move the company forward— everything else is just talk.

Steve Yount

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