October 22, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

We've Heard From Rich

A Response From Rich

We've heard from Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino in response to the bargaining letter that you and more than a thousand of your colleagues signed last month calling for a quality contract: a contract that "improves compensation, benefits and working conditions instead of eroding them."


Rich's response is encouraging.

"Dear Steve:

I have received the letter from IAPE members dated September 22, 2006 that addresses coming contract negotiations. I am pleased to see that our thinking is mainly aligned.

I have instructed our bargaining team to focus their energies on reaching an agreement that is fair to both our employees and shareholders and to engage with the IAPE bargaining team to do so at the bargaining table, where the issues are best addressed. I am optimistic that, working intelligently together in good faith, our teams can quickly agree on a contract that will improve Dow Jones's future for the benefit of all employees, customers and shareholders. We are committed to doing so and hope you share this commitment and optimism.

We share Rich's pledge to work intelligently together in good faith to negotiate a new contract. We all have a shared stake in the continued success of Dow Jones— a success that Rich has admitted depends on the people of Dow Jones.

IAPE and the Company are to meet in the next week and a half to set the schedule for early contract bargaining sessions. While we share Rich's desire to address all issues at the bargaining table, we have no intention of keeping those discussions to ourselves. We'll make sure you’re up to date at every step of the way.

We have made it clear in every conversation that the future of Dow Jones depends on the quality of its employees. Dow Jones needs to continue to attract and retain the best in the business by improving wages, benefits and working conditions.

It's all about Quality.

Quality People. Quality Contract.

Steve Yount

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