September 23, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Dear Rich,


More than a thousand of your colleagues from every office and operation of Dow Jones across the country added their signature to an open letter to Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino.


"Dear Rich" was sent Friday making it clear that we're united as we prepare to open contract bargaining, serving as your reminder to Rich and other managers that "Quality People Deserve A Quality Contract."

We hope to sit down at the bargaining table with the company in October to build a new relationship. Every level of this company must share the commitment to quality that makes this company great.

Your hard work creates the most respected and trusted source of business news and information in the world — and it doesn't matter if you're a reporter, a copy editor, a tech, a sales rep, a staff assistant, a mail clerk or in building maintenance. Each of us plays a role in making Dow Jones the company it is today.

Now it's management's turn. Those at the top must recognize your commitment and dedication. They must reward your efforts to ensure that this company continues to attract the best and brightest.


Our guiding principle: Quality People. Quality Contract.

The goals at the bargaining table are simple: More money, better benefits, stronger job protections and improved working conditions.

Our side of the table must stand strong and stay united — we can win these things only with everyone's support.

That means you need to be involved. Call the office (609-799-1520) or reach out to your Steward.

I have no doubt management got your message. More than a thousand signatures on a letter to Rich is just the beginning.

Steve Yount

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