September 26, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Harborside: More Questions


Thanks for the latest signed union cards— and the signatures Harborside added to IAPE's open letter to Dow Jones CEO Rich Zannino.

I'll be at Markers again this Thursday, the 28th from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm to answer whatever questions you might have— and to collect your union cards.

In the meantime, another question from one of your colleagues:


"What do you hear about the news review being headed-up by Paul Ingrassia. What if they start cutting news jobs?"


The news review headed by Paul — a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who ran Newswires for 10 years before Rich tapped him to head the "News Strategy Project" in July — could mean big changes for Dow Jones. Some expect management to assert there is unnecessary overlap at the Journal, the wires, MarketWatch, the other online outlets and other parts of the company.

Exactly what management will do isn't clear yet, of course.

But even though it's impossible to predict what will happen, there is a real risk that the company decides yet more job cuts are the answer. We think that's a bad policy — what Dow Jones needs now is smart growth, not short-sighted austerity measures. After all, top quality demands top-quality people. But one thing is certain: In times like these, you need all the protection you can get.

A cold, hard fact of life is that it's cheaper— and easier— to cut non-union jobs than to cut spots held by your union represented coworkers elsewhere in Dow Jones.

When it comes to protecting your jobs, our contract does some things well, but it isn't perfect. We want to strengthen those protections in the coming round of contract talks. With Harborside on board, IAPE will have considerably more clout at the bargaining table— and that means a better deal for every one of us.

Everything you need— and your Union Card— is on the IAPE website.

I'll see you Thursday at Markers.. in the meantime, if you need me, give me a call (609-220-5951.)

Steve Yount

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