October 27, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Harborside: There He Goes, Again


I understand management has sent out another memo about IAPE — apparently trying to blunt the news of a nearly-doubling of what managers have to pay for their health insurance.

I don't know that there's any real need to respond point-by-point to the latest from management — but I thought I'd pass along a couple of thoughts.

A Dow Jones benefits manager said in a recent arbitration hearing that, "Outside the world of IAPE, there's nothing that's guaranteed."

Dow Jones continues to tell you that you'll get the same benefits and protections of IAPE represented employees (set aside for the moment the fact that I don't agree that you are being given the same benefits and protections,) but there's no written guarantee. You don't have a contract. No matter what Dow Jones might say, you are an "at will" employee and your benefits are what the company decides to give you— and that can change in a heartbeat.

That is a cold, hard fact.

If it weren't for the IAPE contract do you honestly believe Dow Jones wouldn't have changed my health insurance package — and yours— when it changes the management package?

The bottom line is still the same: IAPE represented employees have their rights in writing — you don't. But you can. Sign a union card.

Steve Yount

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