November 28, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

The Perfect Fashion Accessory

It has been clear since the very beginning of contract talks with Dow Jones that the company believes you'll "roll over" in six months and accept a quintupling of your health care costs. We need to show the company it's wrong.

It is important to continually remind Dow Jones that we're engaged in the fight— every last one of us— and that we're unified as never before.


It starts with small, simple things. Each a demonstration of a shared commitment to winning a better contract. You need to post at least a couple of flyers and desk tents at your desk or on the walls of your cube to remind Rich of his promises to the people of Dow Jones. Trust me, those splashes of yellow across the Dow Jones empire make an impression.


You need to start wearing an IAPE button in the office— and on camera— and on sales calls (a plain simple yellow version is available for the sales reps or on-camera reporters who might not want "iape" on their lapel.) Some 2500 brand new buttons are being handed out by stewards across the country with IAPE security card ID lanyards, belt clips and coffee mugs are coming. Each a subtle reminder that we're all in this together.

The "long-timers" among us have told me they're never seen the membership as engaged this early. It has to be a surprise to the company as well.

There's a lot of work to be done— and we always have to remember the first rule of contract bargaining, "The contract we win depends more on what we do away from the bargaining table than what we say at the bargaining table."

This is your contract.. your money.. your benefits and your job — and this has to be your fight.

Steve Yount

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