October 29, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Benefit Changes

Dow Jones has announced some changes in benefits: basically doubling the price that managers have to pay for their health insurance.

Those changes do not effect IAPE-represented employees— but I think we've been given a preview of what the company might well be going after in the next round of contract bargaining.


If that's their plan, the only way to fight it is by being strong enough — and resolute enough — to win at the bargaining table. IAPE is committed to winning a Quality Contract for Quality People— and the kind of health insurance premium hikes imposed on managers do not meet that definition— and contradicts everything that DJ CEO Rich Zannino has said about the importance of recognizing and rewarding employees.

IAPE will fight it— but there's one truism in bargaining that we all have to understand.

What we win depends more on what we do away from the bargaining table than what we say at the bargaining table.

This is your fight. This is your contract. This is your union. What we accomplish at the bargaining table depends entirely on what we do together. Everyone of us has to be ready to stand together and let the company know— loud and clear— Quality People deserve a Quality Contract.

Steve Yount

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