November 30, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Texas Dress Code: You Win


We wanted to bring you up to date on that "jacket-and-tie, heels-and-nylons" dress code that Dow Jones was enforcing on some 50 Classified Sales folks working the phones in Irving, Texas.


Effective December 1st, that dress code has been rescinded and the company has agreed to the same dress code IAPE has negotiated everywhere else... more importantly, the company has acknowledged the fact that any changes are a subject of mandatory bargaining with YOUR union.

This might seem like a small victory— although the folks who have to "dress-up" in the 100 degree weather of Texas might disagree with that assessment— the larger lesson is the important one. I think it's an indication of what we can do when we stand up together.

I'm convinced that the mobilization efforts of the past couple of months (the desk tents, the flyers, the buttons, the letters, the coffee breaks, the recent reporter's decision to say "no, thanks" to CNBC and webcasting) are making a difference.

But it's just the beginning. We'll all have to continue to stand together through the next few months as we bargain a new contract.

No one wants to see their health insurance premiums triple, but the only way we can stop it is to mobilize: post the desk tents and union flyers and wear an IAPE button every day.

We want to reach an agreement on a new contract, a fair one, the sooner the better. We want to improve quality and make this a better company. The only way to do that is to provide fair wages and benefits for everyone— and the only way to get job done is for you to get involved and stay involved.

Steve Yount


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