August 31, 2006 E-MAIL PRINT

Contract Bargaining

It's time to start talking about your contract.

IAPE has requested an early opening for contract bargaining at Dow Jones and we hope to be sitting across the table from the company next month.

There's a great deal of ground we need to cover in getting the quality contract that your hard work has already earned, but we're better organized than ever before and I believe we're ready to go.


We've fine tuned a wide range of contract demands based on what you told us through the Membership Bargaining Survey but it really comes down to a very simple formula: Quality People...Quality Contract.

Stewards and Board Members are making the rounds with a copy of a letter the union is preparing to send to CEO Rich Zannino, laying out your expectations: Quality people deserve a quality contract.

Please, sign it.

Rich— and the fellows he'll send to the bargaining table— need to know that the people who actually make Dow Jones run, are unified as never before.

One truth that has been proven time and again: "The contract you win has more to do with what you do away from the bargaining than what you say at the bargaining table."

If you don't hear from your steward in the next couple of days, let me know and I'll get you a copy of the letter to sign.

Steve Yount

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