July 1, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

Your Holiday. Your Money.

Friday, July 4, 2008 is the 4th of July— and it's a holiday— at least in the US. In Canada the holiday is Canada Day and it is celebrated on July 1st. Both are guaranteed under the terms of the contract.


We hope you have the day off and are going to spend it having fun with family and friends. But if you're spending your holiday tending to the business of Dow Jones, there's some extra money waiting for you.

If you're an IAPE-represented employee and you work Friday the 4th, (Tuesday the 1st in Canada), you get time-and-a-half for your regularly scheduled hours (double-time for anything beyond the regular shift) AND another day off, or a day's pay (at the discretion of the company.)

And this covers everyone in the unit, regardless of whether you're eligible for overtime or not.

It's your money. All you have to do is file for it. And, as always, if there's a problem getting paid, let us know.

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