December 3, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

Factiva Contract Ratified

The IAPE Election Committee has declared "ratified" the Agreement to merge the Factiva bargaining unit into the IAPE/Dow Jones collective agreement. After in-person voting December 1, 2008 in South Brunswick, and the counting of mail-in ballots from members across Canada and the United States, IAPE members working at Factiva have approved the merger.


Current Factiva employees will maintain the option of "cashing-in" a full week of pay in lieu of vacation through 2009, those who already have 6 weeks of vacation, or will attain 15 years of service by the end of the year will keep six weeks of vacation and the current work-from-anywhere Factiva agreements will continue, unchanged.

By rolling the Factiva agreement into the existing Dow Jones agreement IAPE-represented employees will receive a 3% compensatory wage increase on February 1, 2009, along with a cost of living adjustment (if applicable) based on the rate of inflation over the past year. We'll also share in the gains IAPE made in the latest Dow Jones contract: enhanced outsourcing-related benefits and improved rates for premium pay, shift differential and stand-by. The package also means that seniority pools may be deepened as Factiva and Dow Jones employees with the same job titles, locations and departments meld into the same seniority lists.

Just as importantly, the new agreement sets the stage for unified bargaining next year and an immediate opportunity to make improvements in the package for everyone.

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