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Warning Letters

We've been hearing concerns from a number of your coworkers recently about warning letters from management. It doesn't appear that there's been any significant or orchestrated increase in warning letters, but just in case you get called in, it's important that you know — and exercise — your rights.


First of all, your contract provides you with the right to have an IAPE representative whenever "disciplinary action may be discussed" with management. That definitely includes warning letters.

If you are ever called in for a meeting involving potential disciplinary action, tell your boss you want a union representative — then reach out to one of your local reps — or call the IAPE office at 609-275-6020 and ask for union organizer Tim Martell.

Do not go through a disciplinary meeting alone.

Do not argue or lose your temper.

Your manager will likely have a letter — reviewed and approved by HR — and will read it to you and provide a copy to be forwarded to IAPE, if you choose.

Your boss has no right to threaten, bully or berate you.

You have a right to respond — but do so in writing — and only in writing.

Do not engage in any debate with your manager over the contents of the warning letter. Respond only with, "I'll respond in detail, in writing." We'll help you prepare that response.

As always, if you have any questions, reach out to the office (tim.martell@iape1096.org) or send me a note.

Steve Yount

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