September 6, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

IAPE Election Results

In accordance with the election rules, for the 2008 election of officers for IAPE TNG/CWA Local 1096, the following members in good standing have been properly nominated, unopposed, and declared elected to the office for which they were nominated for the term of office beginning December 1, 2008 and running through November 30, 2011:


President/CWA Delegate — Steve Yount
Vice President/CWA Delegate — Bob Kozma
Secretary/CWA Delegate — Robert S. Johnson
Treasurer/CWA Delegate — Dean Schomburg

Location Directors:

(Candidates must be employed in the geographic location they wish to represent)
South Brunswick, NJ/Philadelphia, PA — Patricia Corley, Shuba Krishna, Barbara Sary
New York — Reed Albergotti, Michael Lukowiak, Tiernan Ray
Chicago — Amy Merrick
Washington, DC — Gary Fields, Siobhan Hughes
Atlanta/Orlando — Christopher MacDonald
Dallas/Houston — Ann Zimmerman
Boston — Bonnie Peterson
Canada — Andy Georgiades
Detroit/Bowling Green/Pittsburgh — Luis Pacheco
Los Angeles — John Emshwiller
Palo Alto/San Francisco, CA — Jim Carlton, Rebecca Smith
Jersey City, NJ (Harborside) — Joseph Checkler, Stephen Nakrosis

Classification Directors:

(Candidates must be employed in the job classification they wish to represent)
Administrative — Darcie Hall
Advertising — Jennifer Blumberg
News — Alex Frangos
Production — Roger Pacheco
Factiva — Mike Cioppi

The following positions either received no nominations, or nominations that were declined or otherwise not yet accepted:

CWA Convention Delegates (2)
Location Director - South Brunswick
Classification Director - Technology

The Election Committee also ruled one letter of nominations out of order. Without a signature, return address, or any other identifiable mark, the Committee was unable to determine whether that letter had been submitted by a member in good standing.

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