December 10, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

IAPE Board of Directors

The IAPE Board of Directors met Saturday, December 6, 2008 in Princeton with 21 of the duly elected 26 directors and officers in attendance.


The Board ratified the nomination of John Stoll as the Location Director Bowling Green/Detroit and Chris Kunz as Location Director/ South Brunswick.

The Board also approved the nomination of Washington DC Location Director Siobhan Hughes and Canada Location Director Andy Georgiades as Board representatives to the IAPE Executive Council, joining officers Steve Yount, Bob Kozma and Rob Johnson as members of the Council.

In a subsequent on-line vote the Board approved the shift of Tricia Croley from a South Brunswick Location Director to the position of Classification Director / Technology and her nomination to the Executive Council.

The Board also selected the IAPE President as the union member to be designated as on leave, as provided by the DJ/IAPE contract.

The Board also approved a resolution that directs the IAPE Human Rights/Jobs With Justice Committee, to investigate allegations of gender, age or racial-based wage discrimination suffered by IAPE members at Dow Jones. The committee will be chaired by IAPE vice-president Bob Kozma and will report its findings and recommendations, in a timely manner, to both the IAPE Executive Council and Board of Directors.

The Board also received reports from Union Organizer Tim Martell, the Finance Committee, the Classification Committee, Grievance Committee and Labor-Management Committee, each of which is published elsewhere on this website and in the December edition of the IAPE newsletter, Media Matters.

The IAPE Board of Directors will reconvene for teleconference meetings in March and September of 2009 and will hold its next in-person meeting in June, 2009.

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