February 12, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

Premium Pay Arbitration

We have received an important judgment in our latest arbitration case against Dow Jones.

An arbitrator has upheld a long-standing IAPE position — ruling that you are entitled to premium pay for work you're required to do on your day off — regardless of whether you do that work from home or come into the office.


It is premium pay: time and a half with a 5 hour minimum — guaranteed by the Dow Jones contract. At Factiva, the minimum payment is 3 and a half hours.

Dow Jones isn't pleased with the judgement — but the company's disappointment doesn't change the facts — or the ruling.

When you're required to work on your day off you're entitled to Premium Pay. Period. File for it — and if there's any problem collecting, call the office immediately at 609-275-6020.

On a separate premium pay issue, we understand the company may be trying to impose a premium pay limit of 7 hours a day. We believe the company is wrong — and completely unjustified in such an effort. Please let us know if you have been refused any claim for more than seven hours of Premium Pay. We will file as many grievances as we have to over the company's effort to impose such a limit.

As always, if there's any problem, let us know.

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