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Is It A Grievance

One of the first principles of your union is to defend the contract. One of ways IAPE defends the contract — and your rights — is by filing a grievance.
It always starts with a basic question: has the company violated the contract, violated "past practice" or precedent or broken the law?


Bad management, a supervisor's poor people skills, a grumpy boss, a bad shift are not necessarily grievances. They are serious problems that the union can address in the Labor-Management Committee, but they are not necessarily grievances.

Whatever the problem is, the first step is the same: report the problem to IAPE. Fill out an Assistance Request Form (ARF) and follow-up with an e-mail to the union office at

Your ARF will be assigned and someone from the Grievance Committee will contact you. The case will be investigated and a determination will be made as to the best course of action.

Once a grievance is filed by the union, the company and the union will meet to discuss the issue and try to find a resolution. If a resolution can not be found, the union has the right to file for arbitration, sending the case to an independent arbitrator, an expert in labor law, who serves much as judge would, hearing evidence and rendering a verdict.

It is important that any problem be immediately brought to the union's attention. Grievances need to be filed with-in 45 days of the contract violation.

If you have specific questions, call the union office at 609-275-6020.

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