May 16, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

Guild Elections

Bernie Lunzer and his Stronger Guild running mates, Carol Rothman and Connie Knox, have been certified as the winners in The Newspaper Guild-CWA's first contested international election in 13 years.

The union's Sector Election and Referendum Committee met at TNG-CWA headquarters to certify the results. According to the official count, Lunzer won his race against incumbent president Linda Foley, 3,611 to 2,864, a 55.8 percent margin. Rothman won her race for secretary-treasurer against Foley's running mate Scott Stephens, 3,834 to 2,460, a 60.9 percent margin. Knox defeated Lois Kirkup, 3,868 to 2,347 for Sector chairperson, a 62.2 percent margin.

IAPE cast 148 votes for Linda Foley and 30 for Bernie Lunzer; 135 for Scott Stephens and 41 for Carol Rothman; 146 for Lois Kirkup and 30 for Connie Knox.

Lunzer, Rothman and Knox will be sworn in during the convention of the Guild's parent union, the Communications Workers of America, next month in Las Vegas.

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