July 24, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

Copy Desk Changes

IAPE continues to deal with the Dow Jones proposed changes in the copy desk, meeting with employees affected by the proposed changes and seeking detailed answers from the company on several points.(IAPE memo of July 16, 2008.) We wanted to make certain that we're all on the same page.


There are a couple of issues at hand: First, whether the "new" job is, in fact, different from the current job being done by copy editors — and, secondly, the company's effort to eliminate union jobs and to fire and rehire people outside of seniority. Both are critical.

While the company contends the "new" copy jobs are fundamentally different, we have heard from others in news management who say it's a sham — and that the only changes are superficial ones having to do with workflows and new software.

If the changes are a sham, designed to simply eliminate union jobs and undermine the seniority provisions that protect all of us, it's a violation of the contract and IAPE will fight it with all our resources and the full support of our parent unions, the Newspaper Guild and the CWA.

The bottom line will not change: We will hold the company to the terms of the contract — defending the rights of every member of IAPE.

As always, if you have any questions — or problems — let me know.

Steve Yount

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