May 24, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

DJ Moving Plans

The company has posted a note from CEO Les Hinton outlining the Company's plan to move the Dow Jones operations out of Harborside and the World Financial Center to midtown Manhattan, confirming a lot of the rumors that have been circulating for months.

There are still a great number of unanswered questions about the operations not specifically addressed in the May 22nd memo, but the company plan seems to clearly be the consolidation of its news gathering operations in one midtown location with an initial target date of February/March of 2009.

We will be talking to the company about the impact of the moving plans as they unfold — making sure that your concerns are heard and are conveyed to the company.

Over the next few months we'll be reaching out to everyone who'll likely be affected by the changes, but in the meantime if you have specific concerns, let us know.

Steve Yount

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