May 28, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

Prescription Drugs

We Need To Hear From You

Since Dow Jones switched prescription providers from Aetna to CVS Caremark in April, we've received a handful of complaints from members as we've compared the two services to ensure that, in fact, the switch has delivered what was promised.


So far most of the problems look like cases of miscommunication or misunderstanding. But we're continuing our review — and we need to hear from you.

Every drug that was available from Aetna is supposed to be available from Caremark. If you've been told a particular drug is not available, we need to know the specifics.

And we need to know the specifics if you,ve been charged something other than the contract-mandated co-pay (at your retail pharmacy: $10 for generics, $20 for formulary and $40 for non-formulary or for a mail-order 3-month supply: $20 generic, $40 formulary or $80 non-formulary).

If you have a problem, let us know.

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