September 28, 2008 E-MAIL PRINT

Your Weekend And Your Premium Pay

A financial crisis and some very nasty weather.


We've seen some very busy weekends lately and a good number of folks have been forced to work on a regularly scheduled day off. If you are one of them, you're eligible for premium pay.

If you work on a regularly scheduled day off you are entitled to a minimum of 5 hours at time and a half. Once you work 5 hours, it jumps to an automatic 7 hours at time and a half. After 7 hours, it is the hours worked at a rate of time-and-a-half.

This is your money — guaranteed by the contract. But you have to file for the premium pay — and you have 30 days from the date you worked the premium pay hours to file for them.

If there's any problem getting paid, reach out to union organizer Tim Martell at or at the office at 609-275-6020.

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