October 13, 2010 E-MAIL PRINT

Vacation BuyBacks

It might be seen as another sign that the company has stretched the workforce awfully thin: We're in the last quarter of the year and a lot of folks haven't been able to take all of their allotted vacation time — and it's quite possible you won't be able to schedule all your time before the 2010 turns into 2011. But you have the right to sell back a week of vacation to the company IF YOUR BASE PAY IS A THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK OR LESS.
It's guaranteed in the IAPE/DJ Contract . Article IX, Section E: "An Employee who is entitled to at least three weeks of vacation and whose compensation is $1000 per week or less will be granted one week's pay in lieu of one week's vacation at the request of the Employee."
If you're not able to use all your vacation this year, and you want to sell a week back to the Company for that extra pay, all you need to do is inform your manager. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties in claiming that pay, please contact Union Organizer Tim Martell.

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