August 16, 2016 E-MAIL PRINT

Moving In The Right Direction

Two new proposals from the Company today: a counterproposal to our health plan document from last week, and a new proposal on "unresolved issues" (but not ones related to wages and compensation).

<b>There's a finish line out there somewhere</b>

There's a finish line out there somewhere

Our initial reaction: We're moving in the right direction again. We recognize the Company has backed away from its demands for absolute flexibility in health-care coverage and other benefits. Management has withdrawn its demand to remove contract references to benefits and leaves of absence, it has moved off some of its demands for other clawbacks, and — for the first time during this process — it has shown a willingness to discuss contract guarantees against health-care changes and increases.

There is one reason management has moved to the extent it has: your support for your Union committee.

But we need more.

The IAPE bargaining committee will return to the contract table on Friday morning, and we'll come armed with a comprehensive proposal addressing all outstanding issues including wages, overtime, and other forms of compensation.

In the meantime, Thursday is our next #WSJUnionMade t-shirt day. If ever we needed management to see that all IAPE members support their bargaining committee in a push for a fair contract — with real wage increases and healthcare protections — Thursday is the day. Wear your shirts (or something black or red), tweet and post your messages of support, and send in your Contract Comments.

Please also reach out if you have any questions or concerns about management's latest proposals. Remember, your bargaining committee is your voice at the contract table.

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